TC/PC Program

What is a TC/PC program?
TC/PC refers to a revenue sharing model in which the referring physician practice sends its specimens to an outside laboratory for the processing of the specimens into slides. After the specimens are processed, the resulting technical information and slides are then sent to a pathologist that is contracted to provide reading and interpretation services for the referring practice. Each group then bills payers for its portion of the services rendered.
Advantages of Adopting Genesis Lab TC/PC Model:

  • Minimal capital investment
  • Support tools to assist in all paperwork and logistics for laboratory partnership
  • Easy to start and easy to end
  • No building permits – limited office space is required
  • With some carriers, you can be paid close to the global rate without the added costs of building a lab
  • Simple changes to your already existing CLIA
  • Assistance from our TC/PC Experts

Revenue Model TC/PC VS a full Scale Histology Lab

  • In office pathology reading only through a hired pathologist
  • Lower initial costs and lower monthly overhead
  • Specimens are processed elsewhere and slides are sent back to your office to be read
  • Your office bills for the professional reading only


Histology Lab

  • Fully operational histology lab with lab technicians and a pathologist
  • Higher initial cost and higher monthly operational costs
  • Specimens are processing at your lab and read at your lab
  • Your office bills for both the professional and technical component


How the Revenue Data is Collected

  • Procedure Code volume is based on national averages (bx/case) and from internal data from existing referral sources.
  • Procedure code reimbursement is based on the 2019 Medicare Fee Schedule.
  • The “26” Modifier indicates the professional component of pathology procedures.
  • Equipment cost information is based on 2019 prices, including refurbished equipment where applicable.
  • All other costs are derived from cost information taken from current, operational labs.


What a lab needs to successfully scale TC/PC?

The lab system must support both the technical processing of the test and the data entry as well as the presentation of the technical data, including imaging, to the pathologist. The pathologist, in turn, must have the capability to create a professional patient report.

Genesis Lab has refined its TC/PC workflow to make it simple and successful for our lab clients to drive new revenue through these programs and build stronger relationships with their clients and partners. We provide our clients with the key capabilities needed to launch and grow a successful TC/PC program.

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